Company Profile

The formation of OYO RMS results from the recognition of two global leaders in the field of risk analysis, OYO Corporation and Risk Management Solutions, Inc. The establishment of OYO RMS recognizes that a need exists to assist corporate Japan in the active management of catastrophic risk.OYO RMS provides a superior knowledge of risk in support of your risk management strategies.

Company Name OYO RMS Corporation
Established November 2006
Capital JPY 237.5 million
Representative Toshihiro Yamada
Office Nihon-Seimei Kasuga-Ekimae Bldg, 3F, 1-1-17 Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 112-0002, Japan
Phone 【from abroad】 (+81)-3-6434-9801
【in Japan】 03-6434-9801


  • Risk Assessment of Natural Disaster
    • Property and Financial Management
    • Securitization

    >>> Read More (Seismic Risk Analysis Service)

  • Advisory Services for Corporate Risk Management
    • Risk Analysis and Assessment Services
    • Informed Application of Risk Retention, Risk Mitigation and Risk Transfer


  • Kasuga Station
    • Oedo Line, Mita Line
    • A3 exit, 0 minute.
  • Korakuen Station
    • Marunouchi Line, Namboku Line
    • 4b exit, 3 minutes.

Seismic Risk Analysis Service

In Japan that lays in one of the most seismically active zone in the world, information on property seismic risk takes essential part in real estate transaction. As a seismic risk assessment pioneer, OYO RMS is relied on by a number of market players.

Service features

  • Seismic Risk Assessment
  • OYO RMS provides property seismic risk information such as PML and building aseismic performance.

  • Evaluation on local soil condition
  • In seismic risk analysis, evaluation on local soil condition is essential part as shock wave is amplified or attenuated depending on the condition. OYO RMS can access hundreds of thousands local soil data of OYO Corp, and reflect them into analysis.

  • As a seismic risk assessment pioneer
  • Since established in 1998, OYO RMS has performed thousands of seismic risk analysis for J-REIT, private funds and financial institutions.

  • Independency and Neutrality
  • OYO RMS has no capital relation with any construction companies and financial institutions, which makes it possible to conduct analysis independently and neutrally.

Risk Analysis Methodology

OYO RMS has two options for risk analysis, Detailed Analysis and Basic Analysis.

  • Detailed Analysis
  • A Detailed Analysis is a value-added analysis, representing the most rigorous analysis that involves a review of structural design drawings and site inspection. The resulting estimate of financial loss is based on damage derived form these engineering calculations.

  • Basic Analysis
  • A Basic Analysis is desk-top analysis that requires only basic building data. This analysis can be done quickly with smaller cost. No site inspection.

Analysis Process

Basic Data includes building location, building structure, year built, number of stories, occupancy type (for Business interruption analysis only) and replacement cost

Develop a unique vulnerability function based on document review and site inspection

  • Structual calculations
  • Design documents

Estimate financial loss of property damage, and business interruption loss if required

  • We can conduct similar risk analysis for building under-construction or in the plan.


PML, event list, event curve and risk curve (exceedance probability curve)